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The Multi Award Winning - Truncator® Saw Horse!

Cut logs - Faster, Safer and Save Money

Truncator chainsaw sawhorseThe TRUNCATOR® sawhorse is an innovative log-cutting sawhorse that saves you time and effort. Features include:

  • Cuts multiple logs at a time, quickly and safely.
  • Log-cup tipping mechanism - tip straight into a trailer, tractor bucket or wheelbarrow, so no manual handling of logs (great for those with bad backs).
  • Adjustable trestle height.
  • You can cut any size of log you want

TRUNCATOR® Tipping Cups

Recycled car battery plastic sawhorse cupsAll Truncators have the same patented tipping cup system. You simply position the cups apart to get the required log length your require. In fact we have some chainsaw operators who have one half of the truncator cup widths set for their wood-burning stove and the other half different for the open fire! You have complete control and flexibility over the size of log you can cut. All our cups are made from recycled car battery plastic. They will not damage the chainsaw blade if accidentally cut into. If you do damage the cup you can simply order a new one.



Available Sizes:

We have two configured chainsaw sawhorses the 4Fold and the 6Pro, but if you want to make a special bespoke design we can supply the cups individually. The 4Fold and the 6Pro can accommodate an extra cup on their beams making them 5fold and 7pro respectively.

Chainsaw Trestles

The Trestles are manufactured with heavy duty galvanised steel. 

Chainsaw Wooden Beam

Our wooden beams are treated softwood beam. The cups sit on the beam and if accidentally cut into completely save your chainsaw. They are sourced locally to keep the carbon footprint of our chainsaw sawhorse as low as possible.

Out of Stock

Site is not currently accepting orders. We are currently looking for a new distributor of our sawhorses in Australia or New Zealand. if you are interested please email

News and reviews

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